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My grandma just passed away recently, and it was devastating. It’s been two days since then. It’s raining hard, and I just talked to my grandpa. When I ask him if he’s okay, he says he’s okay, but I can tell that he’s not.

He stares into the distance sometimes and I know he’s thinking about grandma. He’s staying strong for himself and his children. It looks so hard and painful though. He’s being strong for those that are still here. He’s being strong for grandma.

Honestly, I don’t know if that’s what he’s thinking, but I know that he loved my grandma and our family. Death just sucks like this. In a way, I want to be someone like that too. To be strong for the people I love, I’d like to be like that too.

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I planned to start writing, and I already opened up my digital paper. For some reason, I looked up my table, and I saw my volleyball. Practicing my setting is my favorite thing to do with it, so I started tossing the ball up in my seat. After around 10 minutes, I had practiced tossing, filmed myself do it, edit the video, and watched Aespa’s teaser for their comeback.

“Where did I go wrong?” It all started when I looked up. Bruh

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Today, I had to reply to an inquiry about our business’s product. So I asked my dad about the customer’s inquiry, and he told me that I should just make a video and answer the customer with that. I wasn’t shocked since I’ve seen him do it a few times. It’s just different, but I don’t mind it though. Also it feels more authentic than answering messages like a bot.

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I often don’t write directly on Medium, since I usually make a draft first. Today was special. I’m tired. It’s 11:40+, and I’m here writing/typing.

It always feels cool to write. It’s something that I enjoy doing. It’s something that I choose to do. It’s something that’ll help me.

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I’ve got a lot of ideas, and quite some time too. I think the question is whether I work on my ideas with the time that I have.

Today, I spent an hour playing Terraria, which wasn’t that productive (But it was fun though :)))

I would like to have finished more today, but it’s okay. Let’s do better tomorrow.

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I read something earlier today that probably went “Wounds are temporary. Learn to take care of yourself.” That’s basically the gist of it.

I guess my application for it as for today is forgiving and accepting what had happened. It’s just hard to get over things that pull your emotional strings, but the pain lingers as you keep it with you. I guess what I’m trying to say is that forgiving is another way of taking care of yourself. Also, it’s the right thing to do after all.

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Back at it again with writing. Writing to me is not just improving my literacy, but it’s also something that’s for routine. It’s a discipline that I’m willing and interested in taking on. It’s sometimes fun, also sometimes annoying.

It’s the process of reading things and writing that excites me. I have no intention of making this viral or whatever. If somebody finds it (and hopefully enjoys it), then I’ll be glad. If somebody doesn’t like it, that’s okay too. It’s just something fun for me.

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I think that when you learn something and now execute it after, you’ll most probably forget about it. So I guess execute or practice what you learn asap.

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Since it’s the last days of high school for me, it makes me realize how fast things change and how opportunities aren’t permanent. That thing that you’d ‘do later’ won’t be there anymore. You can’t do it later anymore. The environment and the activities that you’re a part of aren’t the same anymore.

We grow up as things change. There’s the quote that goes “We don’t stop playing because we’ve grown up; we grew up because we stopped playing.” It’s that changes that we make that makes us grow up. Although I don’t want to stop playing, I’d like to take all the opportunities I have on my next journey. Probably I can ‘grow up’ again.

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I slept at around 2 am every night last week. I’m honestly exhausted tonight. I mean, it’s the last week of high school. It’s a relief. Might not go to college this year, because I missed the timeline for applications. Also, I’m not sure about what to do so far. I guess I’ll figure that out when I’m not exhausted anymore.

My blogs are starting to be like vlogs, but then again, it’s my blog. I can do it my way.

Get some rest. You’re exhausted.

Jethro Ty

Hey friends! This is where I’ll be dropping my $0.02. Welcome to my blog! and I hope you’ll find something interesting to you. Enjoy!

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